Rusutsu Hot Spring Bath for the community !

by Kazu

It is a very small but so comfortable hot spring bath in the veggie field beside the Route 230. It has only five showers to wash up the body. Mainly, the citizens of the village uses the hot spring bath but some tourists visit there sometimes. The senior people around the spa including the farmers and retirees enjoy their afternoon in this spa on Saturday and Sunday.
It has no outside spa but the scenery from the window ease the pain of our mind, I think.    
It has a room to relax and have a rest after bathing.
It also has a small kitchen. Yes, it is like some body's house. I have never seen the spa crowded with people and the manner of the people using this spa may be superb, I think.
It has no alcoholic drink in the building but a variety of soft drinks satisfy our thirsty throat and body. Parking space is for only six or seven cars.
It may be difficult to find this spa but please find a small sign beside the Route 230 and in the veggie field.
Rusutsu Onsen is the name of the spa. It is so cozy and tiny.
Such beautiful mountain can be seen from the spa. I think the brown field is now filled with green leaves of fresh veggies.
Do you think this small building is a hot spring spa ? Would you try the small hot spring spa next weekend ?

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