Season in the sun, Takikawa City !

by Chis.

I feel the sky is much higher in summer than the other seasons. Ishikari River and the lake made by the flood of the river are showing us the countenance of summer.
We have to be thankful enough to the bless of water in our country.  
This is the Crescent Lake called "Mikazuki-ko" in Takikawa City.
The yellow narcissus blooming on the water adds an accent on the edge of the lake.
Raune River is another river to support the life of the citizens in Takikawa City. Moving clouds reflected on the surface of the river make us longing for the vague freedom in this world.
It is getting hot everyday but please do not leave kids near the river in summer. They may be allured into the water.
Green leaves of the trees are extending  themselves to the sky so rapidly that the trees   are like green flames with power of life.
Again, please do not leave kids near the river and keep an eye on the next generation!

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