Historical Buildings in Hakodate City!

 by Chis.

Motomachi Area of Hakodate City is designated as the historical buildings preservation area by the city. Motomachi is also a residential area of Hakodate City, so the moderation is required to strike the balance between the preservation of the historical buildings and the comfortable lives of the citizens.
Mt. Hakodate(yama) had  a batteries to protect the city with the artillery but there were another one in the bay as shown at the bottom of the map.  
As many tourists visit Motomachi area at the foot of Mt. Hakodate(yama), there are many souvenir shops and ice cream shops in the area.
Very old houses are preserved and actually the families with long history live there wearing some kind of atmosphere.
Pretty cafes are run, making the most of those old buildings refurbished and renovated.
Buckwheat noodle soup diners are flourishing even in the old town.

This is the Russian Orthodox Church is on the hill of Motomachi Area.
The building of the church is well maintained by the city.
I think something is different from the original Russian Orthodox Church in Russia but the atmosphere strikes the chord of our heart.
The portrait of St.Nicholas is on the monument but I am not sure if it is the tombstone or not.
This building is called the house of apostle. Is it still used?
 The entrance is well cleaned by the apostle?
This is the backside of the church.
It is getting hot today.

Cycling in  Hokkaido is "in" now !
Welcome to Hokkaido and please enjoy enough your stay in the world of God Bless !

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