Big Catfish in Bibai City !

by Masanobu Sato

It is said that SADAHIRO-NUMA(pond) was created by the flood occurred in 1898 and it has been known as the place where catfish and carp can be fished up.
Today I report the master fisher of this pond, who knows everything about the pond and the creatures living there.

I have never thought to eat catfish or carp fished up from the fresh water but it seems that the people in Bibai City have caught such fish and eaten raw fish as "Sashimi" since long time ago. It is the great discovery for me. 

It is for the first time for me to grab a catfish with slime on the surface and the feeling of slime was so impressive. As I talked about the catfish with my superior, he said that the people in Bibai City had fished up those fish and even nurtured in the pool years ago.
That might be usual for the people living in the pastoral area around this pond but it is actual different culture for me !

I was so surprised at the fact much more people than I expected eat catfish.  Catfish fritter is also attractive other than sliced raw catfish called sashimi. As it seems that catfish can be fish up with lure, I will give it a good try soon!