Jogging around the port of Hakodate !

by Chis.

This is Hotel "LaVista" run by Dormy Group that also runs Dormy Inn in down town of many city in Japan. The top of the building is the hot spring spa from where the whole Port Hakodate can be seen.
As it has restaurant mall in front of itself, without conquering downtown, we can enjoy the core elements of Hakodate City around here. There is the old town of the city, the buildings of former consulate-generals,  the central market of the city, old churches, Mt. Hakodate that has the lifts as well as the old warehouses called Kanamori-Souko.
Jogging around this area is so comfortable and inspiring.  
The restaurants mall is designed like an old town of Hakodate City. These kinds of wooden buildings were around the bay area and even now, some of the real old wooden houses and warehouses exist..
This is the building for the soup curry restaurant and Jingisukan-pot restaurant to eat sauteed lamb or mutton that was soaked in the special sauce.
This is the most popular ramen noodle soup restaurant "Ajisai" what I have to report about as I posted yesterday.
I suppose people in some countries may not understand what is the problem. But in Japan, it is required to keep the restaurant and its kitchen squeaky clean to avoid food poisoning.
Of course, the ramen restaurant is kept so clean but I saw what I did not want to see.

While I was paying for our "wrap-up ramen noodle soup"in the night, one of the staff who were making the ramen noodle soup and delivering various kinds of topping on the noodle, consciously or unconsciously, scratch his body inside his T-shirt and without washing his hands, restarted making ramen with his hands.
The ramen restaurant was not so busy at the time but the kitchen seemed to be so humid and staff members were perspiring. His sweat was the special twist of the ramen noodle soup. I hope he improve his code of conduct in making ramen noodle soup.

But, is it normal and you can not see any problem ?

I do not mean to post the pejorative articles on this site but I am wondering  if the standard might be valid only in Japan or not.

Basically, only Japanese people and Jewish people washed their hands after they came home and that was the reason why the Jewish people had not been damaged by the plague when it had struck the Europe. Jewish people were doubted as if they made the plague and delivered the strain of virus.
This is the main entrance side of Hotel "La Vista". Hakodate Bay could be seen over there. The building like an old warehouse with white wall is that of "Ajisai " ramen restaurant. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed before ordering ramen noodle soup next time.
These are the former warehouses that are used as souvenir shops, restaurants and museum currently. These are the famous ? Kanamori Souko in the bay area of Hakodate City.
I saw the high school students are dating around here before. Happy and romantic high school life might have been experienced in Hakodate City ?????
High speed ferry terminal were very calm in the morning but many tourist from Hong Kong and Taiwan swamped to the bay area later and   the area got so lively in the afternoon.
The base of the Coast Guard Japan can be seen from the deck of Bay Area.
I am not sure how much money should be paid to moor the boats at the bay. I suppose it must be more expensive than over seas.
As the buildings had been used as the warehouses, small ships can be moored beside the buildings.
So many tourists visit this area every year and the municipality of Hakodate keeps the old bay area clean and attractive.
As time goes by, even the popular area needs to be refurbished and remodeled.
But, if possible, I would like the area to keep its atmosphere and comfortable air forever.
This is where I enjoyed to visit so many times with my husband before and after our marriage. Every time I say that I want to go, my hubby says "Yes, of course !" and treat me to the feast of maritime.
Yes, this is the place of my small happiness and it makes me kindhearted even in the cut-throat harsh competitive world.

Would you visit there this weekend?