The field fat with grass in Biei Town !

 by Gen,
Kamikawa sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Long time no see.
Sorry for failing to post the current information on Mountain Kingdom Kamikawa.
The best season for hiking has come !
It is not so hot and the young green compete each other to get the sunshine for their growth.

 The grass rolls made last year are here and there on the hill of Biei Town. I assume horse riding on these hills is so nice to try under the high blue sky.
Every time I visit this town, I am moved by the blue sky and white cloud. The hilly pasture naturally makes us look at the sky and recognize  the contrast.
The green pasture and the beautiful sky are waiting for you in Biei Town
Would you go hiking this weekend ?
Camping ? Yes, a variety of comfortable camping site are there in and around the .town.
Sleeping in the chorus of insects, frogs and other creatures may cleans your heart and body!