Sunset Project in Esashi Town 1 !

by Hiyama Sub-prefectural Office of 
    Hokkaido Government
1:Seagull Island
  This island is the symbol of the town. The west coast of the island shows the countenance completely different from the east side that the citizens are used to. From the bulwark, the ragged rocks called Senjohjiki and the trail on the island, various kinds of scenery can be seen with the silhouette of Kaiyo-maru Museum shaped like a sailboat. The contrast of the sunset and a fire on the boat to lure squid also should be recommended.
2:Ferry Terminal 
  From the ferry and the ferry terminal, excellent scenery can be seen and have been designated as the spot to take the best photos.
3:The scenery from the deck of ferry
If you get on the ferry heading to Esashi Town from Okushiri Island, you may feel that the big setting sun   is chasing the ferry.
 4:From Matsunotai
   From the top of the hill called Matsunotai, the setting sun that fading out over The Seagull Island can be seen as well as the down town of Esashi.

To be continued.

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