Lucky Pierrot in Hakodate City!

by Chis

Have you ever heard of the name "Lucky Pierrot" hamburger shop group ?
It is the most successful local hamburger shop group and actually it won the first award among the hectic amount of local hamburger shop groups.
 It is the headquarters and the flagship shop of the group. It seems to be western style but other shops have their own concept on the design of the exterior and interiors.
And the menus vary depend on the needs of each shop except for the core menu, the line of hamburgers.
 I think cleaning the inside and outside of the shop is so tough work for the staff members because many decorations and information are exhibited on the wall of the building.
The headquarters is located in Nanae Town and 12 branch shops are in Hakodate City.
Recently,  "Lucky Pierrot" built its new branch in Esashi Town, Hiyama sub-prefectural area facing the Sea of Japan.
I am not sure if the portrait is Mona Lisa who ate Lucky Pierrot hamburger and got chubby or not.
Refilling of juice is not allowed but the water and ice are available as much as you can.
Telephone order is welcome to avoid waiting for a while in the shop. Chinese Chicken Burger is my choice this time.
Different from nation wide hamburger shops, not unified design of the shops, menu peculiar to each shop and  the hospitality the staff member show the guest attract the people and grab their heart.
The frequent users are praised and treated one of the members of the "circus". Of course, the frequent users treated as the member are entitled to some privilege and perquisites. If I have a chance to live in Hakodate City, I will become the member of the group.  
The counter design may be changed everyday in some shops. You may find the difference in the morning, afternoon and night.
Not completed changing design is one of the charm of the group.
A decoy of giraffe can be seen in one of the shops of the group.
You can never find the same design among the shops.

The drawings of Sandro Botticelli
are exhibited on the wall in a certain shop and Santa Clause dolls are rampant in another shop. Art deco style furniture is characteristics of a different shop.  
The CEO of the group, Mr.Oh loves this "Lucky Egg Burger" and have one or two for his lunch every day. The URL is
but sorry, only in Japanese.

There are only four McDonald's hamburger shops in Hakodate City with the population of 280 thousand because this local hamburger group is so loved and more popular. The citizens of Hakodate City have nurtured this empire of local hamburger shops.
This local hamburger shop group has continued its evolution again and again to beat the nation wide hamburger chain group.  The CEO thought that the efficiency can not be the weapon to compete against the major hamburger chain and sought for their own charms to attract people.

"Only deliciousness can not allure the people in this age and era. Pleasant appearance and atmosphere do not strike the chord of the hearts.It is important to provide the experiences that oblige the guests to communicate to others. So the group exert an effort to slip in some tricks to extract "wow" from the guests." the CEO said.

This is "Lucky Chinese Chicken Burger". On the burgeoning stage of SNS such as Facebook and Twitters, the guests post their "wow" about the hamburger shop group so frequently.

The group attract 1.5 million guests every year. The sales of the group increased since they built up the first shop in 1987. It has never been in red so far.

It has a branch just in front of the JR station of Hakodate City and the citizens of Hakodate are proud of the success of the group called "Lappi" that had not allow McDonald to conquer the city.
Curry, Ramen noodle soup, omelet rice, pork cutlet can be ordered in some shop in Hakodate City.

"Do the chores ti run the shops! That makes the differences and brand name value!" said Mr. Oh, "Wang" in Chinese pronunciation.

Would you become the member of the "Circus" ?

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