Mt.Yotei (zan) and the neighbors !

by Chis.

It may be only this season when such striped Mt.Yotei(zan) can be seen from the road. This photo was taken from "The Mushroom Kingdom" in Kimobetsu Town along the Route 230.
Landslides have occurred so frequently on the hillside of Mt. Yotei(zan) that you can see the trees that have the trace of the routs in the middle of the trunk.
As you can check out the inside of this building and the food provided st
in Japanese, many tourists drop by this food court with veggie shop and pick up the quality veggies for competitive price and finger food as well as soup and noodle soup.
This vendor is at the roadside station along the route 230 in Rusutsu Village. Croquettes made of the potato "Kitaakari" produced in the village and the fried chicken are the big draw in the vendor.
This is the croquette that extracted the original taste of the potato in maximum, so sauce or spices should not be added to the croquette.
This is a fried asparagus rolled in a sliced pork.
The croquette was so nice with crisp fried coating and soft creamy mushed potato. I had had a breakfast two hours before our arrival at the roadside station but the croquette was absorbed to my body so quickly.
The fried asparagus with pork was also nice with the original sweetness of asparagus and the quality pork. The route 230 and the route 5 have many places to drop by.

After having these food, we headed to Niseko Area that also has the roadside station.  

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