Can we win the battle against deer ?

by Kazu

What do you think this green wall is ?
As I posted before, the farmers in Hokkaido including Sorachi sub-prefectural area, are fighting uphill battle against deer. They eat up fruits, veggies and crops that the farmers nurtured. In paddy fields, they lie down on the rice crops and scratch their body with the stems of rice crops.
As a result, the rice got to smell of deer and can not be in the market. The efforts the farmers have exerted was in vein.

The licensed hunters are decreasing and each municipality has to struggle to cull the number of deer, paying allowance to the hunters.  
Are there any smarter ways to cull the deer ?

This is the trap set up near the veggie field at the foot of mountain. The gate of the trap can be shut by remote control. But the controller should be within 100 meters from the sensor.  
What if a kind of signal can be sent to the smart phone in your hand when the deer got into the trap ? What if you can see the situation in and around the trap on the display of your smart phone and you can shut the gate with one touch on the display ?

The tower on the right is to watch and shoot the deer in the trap. The wooden wall above is to corner the deer into the narrow space that makes it easier to give the fatal to deer.  
The quality of venison depends on how appropriately and quickly the deer are dealt with. I heard that only 20 kg of venison can be taken out from the body of a deer.
Other parts should be brought to garbage dam or a incinerating facility.  
The antlers left on the veggie or rice fields may puncture the tires of the tractors. Not so much needs for the antlers of deer in Japan.
The fences that divides the agricultural fields from the area deer habitats dramatically reduce the damage to the veggies, fruits and crops in Kuriyama Town but the metal fence and electric wires can not be set around the river.

We are developing the smart trap system to win the game.
Please be looking forward to read the report on the success to cull the deer.

Have a nice weekend !  

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