Ariake-no-Mori in Sapporo City !

 by Kazu

When you have no plan the weekend and the weather is much better than forecast by the Meteorological Agency of Japan, BBQ in this area is the easiest choice to take without enough preparation beforehand.
 The high school that my wife graduated from has a forest of large square measure near this forest park "Ariake-no-Mori" and the students maintains the forest by cutting small branches of the trees and the grasses under the trees in this season every year.
My wife did not know why the students are urged to do the job every year but she got to know the reason.
The alumni of the high school get together and enjoy BBQ in the forest every year. Of course, the alumni pay a bit. All the tough work is for preparation of the forest party.
 Actually, it may be a good occasion for the students to learn about the ecology in the forest and the biology in the field.
It is not so hot in this season and bamboo shoots can be picked up to eat in the forest.
The young green leaves induce the appropriate  daylight onto the path and plants.
A small white flower is blooming beside the path subtly.
Walking around in the forest is so comfortable in this season and the air inhaled into my lung seemed to inspire my body and soul.
Soon a creek can be recognized while walking.
Yes, this is the path to reach a small waterfall called "Ariake-no-taki".
A small bridge happened to be set over the creek.
The sound of the waterfall can be recognized in a few minutes.
Sapporo City has many small waterfalls in its outskirt.

I have to leave my office for business jaunt to Fukagawa City.

Please start the good week with watching the green leaves and the water flow !  

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