Sunset Project by Hiyama Sub-prefectural area !

by Kazu
Photos are provided by Hiyama Sub-prefctural Office of Hokkaido Government

Have you ever heard of OKUSHIRI Island ?
The island was hit by OHTSUNAMI in the aftermath of the huge earthquake twenty years ago.
At that time, 198 people in Hiyama Sub-prefectural area passed away.
Are you wondering why I remember such number ? Yes, I counted the bodies of casualties in cooperation with Hokkaido Police Department at that time and the number went public by my superior.  
But I am very pleased with the success of "Sunset Project" arranged by Hiyama Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government. Hiyama sub-prefectural area has shown unbelievable recovery from the disaster.
 On the top is the photo of "Muen Island "taken from Monai Area of Okushiri Island. "Muen" means "irrelevant" in Japanese. Beautiful photos of sunset were collected and played up by the office.

"Aonae Area" of Okushiri Island was harshly hit by OHTSUNAMI twenty years ago but now from the memorial "JikuhShoh" above, beautiful sunset can be seen, remembering the face of the friends who passed away.  
Can you imagine the sea on the left swallowed the lives of the citizens in Okushir iIsland ?
 The sculptures made by Mr. Nagare in "Kitaoi Park" are still standing even after the huge earthquake an the scenery of sunset from the park is almost the same as over twenty years ago.
"Sai no Kawara" has the special meaning in Japanese but the name was put to this camping site along the coast. This area was also hit by the big wave and the building of restroom made with ferro-concrete was swiped away clearly.

The earthquake and OHTSUNAMI occurred in July of twenty years ago. Six months later than my marriage.
I never forget that time. I remember the friends I lost at that time.

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