Canola Flowers Festival in Takikawa City !

by Kazu

First of all, these photos are provided by the municipality of Takikawa. Thanks a lot to the people of Takikawa City!

I heard that Taiwanese people are attracted to the wedding in the yellow canola flowers of Takikawa City.
 The Tourism Association of Takikawa City is promoting such wedding in cooperation with the travel agency and the wedding planners.
I can easily imagine a beautiful bride and a smart bridegroom in the happy yellow of canola flowers.
Should the ritual be conducted on the red carpet ? The bride and bridegroom should take an oath " Till death do us part" ?

It must be an unforgettable wedding for all the participants !   

The festival in Takikawa City has ended and the peak of the beauty passed away but other attractions are waiting for you.

Different from the main land of Japan, Hokkaido is hardly affected by the stuck front of low pressure system that brings heavy long rain fall and hard humidity to the main land.

It is said that "June bride" would and should be happy but in the main land of Japan, people have heavy and long rain fall in June. So it is not so comfortable to plan the weddings in the rainy season.  
As the top of the mountains have white crown of snow at the beginning of June in some year, the blue sky, white tops of the mountains, green hillside of the mountains and the yellow of canola flowers celebrate the wedding in the field.
If the carpet is red, perfect situation of the wedding for Taiwanese people can be created?
Please come over here!

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