The Season of Sea Urchin has come !

by Chis.

I decided to eat the very best of the sea urchin once a year in Shakotan Town, Rishiri Island or Rebun Island.
This year, I came to this seafood restaurant run by fishermen in Shakotan Town again.
Can you remember my hubby post the report last year ?
It seemed that the number of the seafood restaurant had increased.
I think this is the first restaurant we visit to eat the top level sea urchin that the former leader of DPRK also ate in his country.
This restaurant is filled up with the guests first.  
 In the restaurant we visit, the prices of the seafood rice bowl were shown as the right.
Horse dang sea urchin was 4,000 Japanese yen.
Two color rice ball topped with horse dang sea urchin and purple sea urchin was 3,400 Japanese yen.as other rice bowl lunch, such as crab meat, salmon roe.

As we had to compare the taste of horse dang sea urchin and purple sea urchin, we ordered the two color rice bowl.
The orange was horse dang sea urchin and the other was purple sea urchin.
The quality of the orange, horse dang sea urchin was excellent but to be honest, the purple sea urchin of this year seemed to lose the color and looked gray. An the taste of the gray was not so moving and it started to melt down.
I am not sure the reason.but that was the impression of the rice ball this year.
 I will search the photos that my hubby posted last year and compare the color of the purple sea urchin.
 As a result, the rice ball toppled with horse dang sea urchin and salmon roe was the best choice of this year, I think. In particular, the salmon roe was so nice and better than purple sea urchin.
 Which do you choose when you visit Hokkaido?
Of course, whole horse dang sea urchin is the most expensive choice but is it attractive for you to try just one kind?
This is the king of the taste, horse dang sea urchin.
Purple sea urchin is here. I think it is much
whiter than usual.
What do you think about it ?

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