"Kamameshi" in Riceland Fukagawa !

by Chis.

What do you think these holes are ?
Each of the hole is for the iron pot to cook "Kamameshi", steamed rice with broth and various kinds of toppings in a iron pot.
Of course, the gas grill table in the kitchen is order-made. Each iron pot is for one order of "Kamameshi". It took 20-30 minutes to serve the "Kamameshi" after you order what you like to have. At lunch time, many people may make long line waiting for their seats and reservation is not accepted in the restaurant on the second floor of the roadside station "Riceland Fukagawa". I recommend to avoid the peak time of lunch and dinner.
This is my choice for today.
As the high quality delicious rice is produced in  Fukagawa City and the adjacent area, the restaurant can provide the guests with such simple menu in which the rice is the protagonist.
The pork boiled with broth is taken away the spare fat and a plenty of collagen is left in the meat. Sliced bamboo shoot, green peas, shiitake mushroom, ginger, carrot and soy beans make the excellent harmony and extract enough the essence of each other.
To be honest, "Kamameshi" was not my favorite but I strongly recommend to try that !
I love Spanish paella, too but this small sized "Kamameshi" is made "just for you". Is it also attractive to treat your friends to such "One on One" hospitality?

I hope this week will treat you kind and help you make it!