"Kitakitsune" Northern Fox in Sorachi !

by Kazu

On way back to Iwamizawa from my business jaunt to Asibetsu, two foxes appeared on the road.
They seemed to expect feed from the tourists but it makes a mess o the wild lives.  
I saw many dead bodies of foxes on the road hit and pressed by car at night. In Niseko area, I have seen a fox holding a red plastic saucer with the mouth.
Wild foxes uses some tricks to catch the prey. They seemed to learn the way to get their food from the tourists.  
But it is impossible for drivers driving a car at the speed of 70-80 km per an hour to recognize foxes on the road. Even in the night, foxes appear on the road and become the sacrifice of the automobiles.  
In the daylight, foxes come across the road after checking their right and left but can they recognize the headlight of cars as the dangerous iron box that can hit them and kill them ?  
This fox looked so clever but as long as it depends on the feed from the tourists, it is on the verge between living life and death.
What kinds of countermeasures are taken in the foreign countries?

Have a nice weekend !

I have a bad cold and can not speak now.