Iron Artist in Hokkaido, Naoyuki Kanahyou !

  1. by Kazu 

    It is with honor to introduce the great artist in Hokkaido, who graduated from the same school as I did.
    His name is Naoyuki KANAHYOU.
    He came back from Italy several years ago  and set up his first atelier in Midori Area of Kiyosato Town and changed it to Nanporo Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

In a certain "Foot Path Event" held in the town, we happened to meet again. It had been twenty eight years since we graduated from the same high school.
The exhibition of his works is now held in "e1-gallery of Nakashibetsu Town in the eastern part of Hokkaido the exhibition.

The venue is on the second floor of Tawara mafu , 16, Kita 1 chome, Higashi 1-jo, Nakashibestu Town, Hokkaido

Mr. Kanahyou uses iron and woods to express his world. 

The title of the exhibition is "Fragment of daily life"

Please find out to the e1 gallery in Nakashibetsu Town and visit the exhibition. 11:00-17:30.
Details are at 

His CV and history as an artist is as follows;    

1985                Graduated from Hokkaido Hokuto High School
1989                Completed the special course in STUDIO KOBATAKE
Assemblage Exhibition
1986               Lithograph  Review  44    (Axis  Gallery Tokyo)
1988               NEW AGE ART               (Gallery  HABITAT, Tokyo)
1989               The 19th Modern Japanese Art Exhibition
                      (Tokyo Megalopolis Art Museum, Kyoto City Art Museum)
                        The 44th ZENDOUTEN (All Hokkaido Art Exhibition)
                        (Sapporo City Citizen Gallery, Award for Patronizing)
1990               The 45th ZENDOUTEN (All Hokkaido Art Exhibition)
                  (Sapporo City Citizen Gallery, Award from Hokkaido Art Association)
                       Art Festival Mito October Exhibition  (Mito Art Museum)
                       Sculpture Exhibition by 20 Artists
                             ( E-Gallery MY CITY)
1991               The 20th Modern Japanese Art Exhibition
                      (Tokyo Megalopolis Art Museum, Kyoto City Art Museum)
                       TAMAGAWA Open Air Sculpture Exhibition 91
                      (Nanbu Tamagawa Ryokuchi, Fuchu City)
                       Pantheon TAMA Art Independent Exhibition  (Tama Central Park)
1997               Thought from Hands Exhibition (Saitama Modern Art Museum)
1999              Trois Metamorphoses     (Joue les Tours, France)
2000              Modern Japanese Engraving Exhibition
 ( National Modern Art Museum of Japan, La Paz in Bolivia)

         Individual Show
1991              NABISU Gallery            (Ginza, Tokyo)
                      DAIDO Gallery              (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
1992              Plaza Gallery                  (Choufu, Tokyo)
                      Galerie Sorciere           (Funabashi, Chiba)
1993              NABISU Gallery             (Ginza, Tokyo)
                      Gallery le Deco3             (Shibuya, Tokyo)
1994              NABISU Gallery             (Ginza, Tokyo)
1995              21+You Annex                 (Ginza, Tokyo)
1996              Arte Spazio                    (Futagotamagawa, Tokyo)
                      Gallery 360    (Shibuya, Tokyo) ONE DAY ONE SHOW
1997              Galerie Sorciere               (Funabashi, Chiba) Note of Rain
                     Nano Rium                       (Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi) Breathing
1998             Galerie trois chattes         (Aix-en-Provence, France)
                             Travail de papier              (Joue les Tour, France)
1999            Nano Rium                        (Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi)
2001            Il baccello                          (Paris, France)

2007            Galerie Sorciere                 (Funabashi, Chiba)

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