Port Wkkanai !

by Chis.

Our team arrived in Port Wakkanai from the islands off shore of Wakkanai City. It was raining in the port. The ship of the coastguard seemed to be checked up and left in the rest. Normally the big holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May are the start of the bulk tourism in Hokkaido even in the coldness of the air but the ferry was not filled up with the passengers.
As the northern end of Hokkaido, Wakkanai City has an enough population but if the connection with the far east area of Russia including Sakhalin get stabler than now, the city will develop again by leaps and bounds, I think. Is the key energy ? a free trade zone invested by Japanese businesses ? Shall we make it far from the center of each country ? The service industry and manufacturing in Japan have many cutting edge to compete against the foreign businesses. That means the service receivers are so comfortable to be served by Japanese businesses.
The nearest big city is Asahikawa City but it is still hundreds km away from Wakkanai City. I am planning to invite people and money to Wakkanai City by whispering people in the city and in Tokyo.
If anybody could shoot me the idea to contribute to the development of Hokkaido and the far east of Russia, I would appreciate it so much !
After many years of conflict and distrust, we have to build up the real trust and stable good relationship between Hokkaido and the far east of Russia before the central government show the little compromise just for their alibi and getting vote in the election !

It is the last day of the big holidays in May in Japan.
Is it the time to change the world ?

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