Business Jaunt to the northern islands 3!

by Chis.

Beautiful Mt. Rishiri Fujib was still seen from Oshidomari Ferry Terminal.
It was a pity that I did not have enough time to visit the small lake called Himenuma that has a circumference of 1,000 m with deck walk. Walking around the pond may bring you the piece of mind. It was about 5 km from the terminal to the lake and it takes about 20 minutes to go around the lake.
On a fine day, the surface of the lake reflects the landscape including Mt. Rishiri Fuji and visitors can enjoy the couple of Mt. Rishiri Fuji and its reflection.
Kokanee, Carassius, Carp and Shrimp live in the lake.

The beautiful scenery of Oshidomari Bay and Rebun Island can be seen from Himenuma Lookout beside Coast Street that connects Oshidomari area and Himenuma.
   The lake can be seen at http://www.rishiritou.com/sight/himenuma.html

The ferry that connects Rishiri Island, Rebun Island and Wakkanai City has arrived at the port of Oshidomari.
Our team got on the ferry and left Rishiri Island. This is the photo from deck of the ferry.

Rebun Island started to be seen from the ferry. Different from Rishiri Island, it does not have any high mountains but the highest area of the island was covered with snow.
Rebun Island has the ragged coastline on the west and the gentle coastline on the east. The highest point of the island is the top of Mt. Rebun(dake) with the altitude of 490 meters.

About 3,000 people are living in the island that has the width of 8 km, the longitude of 29 km and the square measure of 82 square kilo meters.
 In summer, about 300 kinds of alpine plants bloom on the island despite the island does not have high mountain..

Mt. Rishiri Fuji could be seen clearly from Rebun Island on the day. My husband said that he was eager to visit again Rishiri Island and conquer the peak. The peak is only 1721 meters high but as the start point is at an altitude of almost zero meter, it takes a whole day to conquer the peak and return to the hotel.

Where will you visit on this weekend?
Please mind p's and q's on the road and drive your car safely !

Have a great trip and inspire yourself !

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