The result of "Sorachi General Election" 2!

by Kazu

As I posted yesterday, the sunflower field in Hokuryu Town was elected to the best place to visit in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido in the election held during Sapporo Snow Festival 2013. Today, I introduce other ranking in the category"to visit".
The second best place is "Yuni Garden" in Yuni Town. Please check the details at http://www.yuni-garden.co.jp/
It is the park of English Gardens.

The third is Mount Racey Resort in Yubari City.
The details are athttp://www.city.yubari.lg.jp/contents/sightseeing/facility/index.html

 but written only in Japanese. The ski gelande is still open even in March.
The fourth is the canola flowers field in Takikawa City.

The fifth is YOHTAKA ANDON(lantern) Festival in Numata Town.
 The sixth is Kuriyama Park that has a small zoo in Kuriyama Town.

And the seventh is "the Kiddy Land" beside the express way in Sunagawa City.
I've never visited the park but the details are at
but written only in Japanese.

The seventh is the Steam Locomotive Park in Mikasa City.

The eighth is Miyajimanuma Waterbirds and Wetlands Center in Bibai City.

The ninth is the Motor Cartland in Nanporo Town.

An the last but not the least, the tenth is Yryu-numa Marsh in Uryu Town. The flowers blooming in each season is introduced at

Thank you all for voting to your favorite place nominated in the election!

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