Izakaya Ogawa in Iwamizawa again !

by Kazu

Do you remember Japanese bistro Ogawa in Iwamizawa City that I introduced before?
I will have to arrange farewell party for my superior Mr.Yuji Takeda in this bistro this week.
As I posted before, the bistro is next to a well-established Japanese Inn named Mikazuki which means a crescent in Japanese.
Its cozy inside is suitable for the second place after the party thrown officially. Actually, I dropped by here after enjoying tons of beer in another bistro in Iwamizawa City. Because when the bistro Ogawa set the binge drinking menu such as one hour binge drinking for 1,000 Japanese yen, two hours for 2,000 yen, I drank 15 pints of drought beer in Ogawa and that convinced the mom of the bistro that menu would make the bistro fall.
I am very sorry for having destroyed the convenient menu for beer lovers.
I had three pints of beer with sliced squid flavored with soy-sauce based special spice at 22:00.  
 Salted Hoya is one of my favorites.
Is it called ascidian or sea squirt in English?

Usually I do not order this dish but tonight I asked the mom to make mackerel boiled with fermented soy-beans "miso" because many Japanese people including my wife love this cuisine as the standard Japanese cuisine.
My superior will leave Iwamizawa City next week.I really appreciate his generosity and contribution to this area Sorachi. I hope I will able to contribute to his career in the near future albeit he may not be installed as the top of the construction department. It's a pity that he missed the position in our organization.

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  1. Wow! 15 pints, that's impressive!

    Andy E