Indigenous Bistro UTARI in Sapporo City!

 by Kazu

Bistro UTARI is at Nishi 5- Chome, Minami 5-jo, Chuo-ku in Sapporo City. Yes! It is in the famous bar-hopping area Susukino.

"UTARI" means relatives, peers, friends, fellow and companions in the language of Ainu as I posted before. The word of "Ainu" means "human beings".
 I am very sorry for failing to take photos because I've met my former colleague in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for the first time since I him in Tokyo ten tears ago.

We had to talk about millions of things that had happened to each of us and our friends. So I could have only a few minutes to take photos before our reunion.
In Tokyo, the Seafood Restaurant UTARI near Daikanyama Station in Shibuya-ku is well-known but it seemed to be no relationship between these UTARI.
In UTARI in Susukino area has many traditional  carvings indigenous to AINU people and they all  aged and have its own history.
 A tree stump is located in the kitchen and a grill is set in the stump. Not all the fish and meat are grilled on this gridiron but it is the best stage for the show to make the materials the art of culinary delight.

In retrospect, well.....25 years ago in my days of Hokkaido University, I heard that the bistro was not the place for us Japanese. It might be a rumor or the stereotype of my friends or relatives but I have believed that for years.
When I heard that my successor in Canada made a reservation for us, I felt something curious in my heart.    

 It was a pity that I could not have pints of drought beer in the bistro because it had only bottled beer. Other than that, we really enjoyed the dishes and beer as well as Japanese sake there for hours.
To be honest, so many things that my former colleague talked astounded me so much that I forgot to take photos of the dishes served on our table.  
These photos are the dishes and bowls my wife and I had just before our departure to Bangkok, Phuket and Phi Phi island in Thailand.

We used the new building for international flights in Haneda International Airport for the first time despite the direct flights between New Chitose International Airport and Suvarnabh International Airport in Bangkok was established because we had to arrange the most cost-effective travel that suited to our tight schedule.
Sorry about that!  

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