Corned venison? Wurst YOSHIDA in Shintotsukawa Town!

by Sorachi Travel Report

Shintotsukawa Town has "Wurst YOSHIDA" that sells hand-made ham and sausage. Click here for the products →「ヴルストよしだ」
Its German-taste ham and sausage made of the quality materials selected and sourced locally has the genuine taste of original products in German and so delicious that Wurst YOSHIDA is asked to provide with its products to the events arranged in many department stores in Tokyo and Sapporo as well as the events and festivals held in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. 
 The owner of the shop Mr. Yoshida is so earnest over improving the flavor and developing new products that he is always imaging the new twist and the very best of flavoring and is giving them tries.
Such Mr. Yoshida with enthusiasm has been nurturing the concept of the new products made of venison for two years. He had developed "Deer-hunter's Sausage" flavored with green pepper and "Venison Jerky" and so forth. What kind of product has he developed this time?
"To be brief,  corned venison like corned beef," said Mr. Yoshida. Originally, corned beef is the salted beef and it is canned generally to make it portable and easier to eat. The cans are opened with the  screw attached to the cans.
 In retrospect, I has not been good at opening the can of corned beef. Nowadays, the corned beef packed in a plastic case are sold in the market. I am convinced that other people are also not good at opening the metal cans of corned beef.

The white fat is between the small red beef fiber. The corned beef itself is very nice to eat but the fat is a little bit concern for staying fit.
Wurst YOSHIDA had developed completely different corned beef and started to sell last year. Japanese corned beef made from quality Japanese beef. Instead of beef fat, gelatin is used as liaison to make the corned beef. It is so smooth and mild to eat that it melts on your tongue. With its subtle spices for flavoring, mild taste and appropriate salt, the delicious taste of the quality beef is extracted and condensed in maximum.  

It is so nice to have in sandwiches, cut in the shape of dices that it is difficult to stop eating.

 Besides, Mr. Yoshida used venison instead of quality Japanese beef and developed corned venison. The venison of shoulder part, that has rarely been used so far, is soaked in salt and spices for a week and boiled.  The boiled venison is raveled and stiffened with jelly. As a result it obtained the taste and the feeling of quality corned beef. It is so healthy to eat that females are pleased with its taste and no-concern of getting pounds.

Close-up shot may give us the reality of fat-free meat. Comparatively big line of gelatin can  be seen on the surface and it makes the venison fertile taste..

Please visit Wurst YOSHIDA and try the products posted in the project " Luxury of meat in Sorachi "Click here to have a look on the project.→「空知肉三昧プロジェクト」

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