Jogging around in Hakodate 4 !

 by Kazu

At the foot of Mt.Hakodate(yama) where residential area is included, very wide road opens to the bay area and downtown of Hakodate City.
 I think many citizens swamp this temple at the end of year and this road will be filled with crowds. Am I right ?
This temple is not so old but the design is based on the traditional code to build it.
 The gate is facing to the wide road of slope and open to everybody.
This is a Japanese style cafe making use of old town house.  "Sabou Kyuu-Chayatei" is the name of this cafe.
 The old wooden building is used as the cafe.

This is the sign of old post office building.
The building made of red bricks are covered with ivy colored red. It is still in autumn in Hakodate City. The perspective of the building is shown blow. This building was used as the main post office years ago. Many souvenir shops and handcrafts are inside.
Have you visit this area ?
It is getting colder but Hakodate City is very comfortable to live even in winter, compared to other cities in Hokkaido.