Get away ! in Hakodate !

 by Kazu

The squid for our dinner started to run away from the dish without its head that was sliced and served on the right hand side of the dish.
The suckers on the arms of the squid still were moving and getting big a d small. Needless to say, the arms seemed to seeking for something to grab to get its body stable.

The squid was still standing and watching his sliced head on the right and us.
The name of the bistro was Hakodate-yama near the railway station in Hakodate City.
The fresh sushi-grade oyster was from Akkeshi Town on the eastern coast of Hokkaido. The milk of the ocean energized us enough for the night;)
Sliced radish salad with cucumber and bell-pepper sticks were topped with the flakes of fermented and dried bonito and sliced onion.
This is sliced sushi-grade ascidian in other words sea squirt in rice-vinegar. The pale yellow had been vivid orange before soaked in the vinegar.

The squid above was fried and served with Mayo. We prayed for the squid and apologized for cruel treat.
This is grilled spare rib sourced locally. After the long drive from Sapporo City through Esashi Town, I tended to pig out such fatty foods.
This is sushi with fresh sushi -grade sea urchin and salmon roe, called Gunkan-maki which means battleship-roll in Japanese.
The topping of sushi called sushi-neta was in the fridge faced the counter table. We can select our favorite toppings that stimulate our appetite.
 the fellows of the squid that we ate up were still swimming in the pool near the entrance of the bistro. They saw almost everything occurred on their fellow in the water.
We were so sorry for the cruel treat but enjoyed enough the freshness of the seafood and the high degrees of skill shown by the chef.
While writing this article, I am getting hungry and eager to visit Hakodate soon.
Have a great weekend !

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