After the departure of my guests !

by Kazu

Every time I was left alone after my friends from abroad departed for their country from Hokkaido, I went to the most popular ramen restaurant "Sumire" which means the flower of violet in Japanese.
The striking taste kicked away the loneliness and beefed me up to the extent I traveled around the globe at the speed of light.    
 No steam can not be seen until you lift the noodle from the bowl because the surface of the soup is covered with melted lard. Please be careful when you sip the soup with the first serve of Chinese spoon.
It is so hot that you should eat up the noodle first to avoid to let the noodle swell. Needless to say, the grilled and boiled sliced pork is left in the bowl. The meat absorbed the tasty and powerful soup enough inside. Only the persons who was successful to avoid tongue-burn can savor the delicious meat enough.  
You can see the characters of 感謝 which means gratitude in Japanese after you drink up the soup.
At the entrance of the headquarters restaurant in Nakanoshima Area of Sapporo City, the Japanese traditional welcome figures are waiting for you with the souvenir ramen noodle and soup.

 This is the flagship headquarter's restaurant of the group.
The URL is http://www.sumireya.com/main/mainshop/
After taking too much calories, shedding  the extra ponds is the must.
Jogging around on the premises of Hokkaido University, I remember that this tree could not show the beauty if its autumnal foliage last year because the temperature got down so quickly and the leaves of the tree shrank without turning to red and orange.
I was concerned that some kinds of infectious germ devastated the tree last year but I was relieved to hear that the trouble of the leaves were because of the temperature and not of the germ.
I hope we will not have too much snow around our living area this winter !    

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