The railway Esashi Hakodate line!

by Kazu

The railway between Esashi Town and Hakodate City will be taken out of use next year.
Many railway manias visit the railway station in Esashi Town to take photos of the train and actually take on it.

 But it took three hours to reach Hakodate City from Esashi Town by this railway because the train has to wait for an hour at Kikonai Station to let the express train between Hakodate City and Aomori City pass by without stopping.
 A few local bus lines will take place of the railway next year so this station in Esashi Town will not be necessary any more.
As time goes by, many many things that were in full flourish before go away and disappear.
Yes, like a passing song that is her and then it's gone.
 The train has conveyed many  many lives of the people along the way.
Good-bye old railway and old train and thank you so much !