Camping Site in Numata Town !

by Kazu

This is the venue where the binge drinking and beneficial discussion between the mayor of Numata Town Mr. Kanehira and the Director -General for Sorachi sub-prefectural area was held.
 I took these photos from my room on the fifth floor. The hot spring bath was so nice and comfortable to soak the weary bodies.
This photo was taken on the top of the dam in Horoshin area.
 The amount of the water the dam held was very few in this season.
The camping site in Horoshoroshin area is in front of the dam.
The water flow of the river was enough to fertile the downside fields.  
It was not so cold for this season but this area is covered with heavy snow every winter. That makes the paddy fields fertile enough every year.
 Nobody is in the camping site.
The windows should be covered with wooden boards to protect from the heavy snow and icicles.
It will be opened in May next year again.
Before that, let's enjoy this winter enough !
Have a nice weekends.