Eating around in Hakodate City !

by Kazu

This graveyard is for foreigners who passed away in Hakodate City. The bay and the coastline of Hakodate City can be seen from the cemetery. It is a good place to have an eternal rest and remember the happy days with the person.  
This graveyard is maintained by Hakodate Christ Church. So if any questions, please make a phone call to the church. The telephone number is shown on the right.

 There is a local convenience store group that is in cooperation with Seiko Mart . The skewered grilled chicken with the special original sauce.
To be surprised, some tourists from abroad were buying the lunch boxes for themselves. The store might have been introduced in the guide books.
 This is the sign of the lunch box that contains the skewered grilled chicken and rice topped with sea weed. Different from other convenience stores, the staff members have to grill the chicken in the small kitchen.
It is called "Hase-sto" and loved by the citizens of Hakodate City. The name is Hasegaewa's. Hasegawa Store.

The lunch box is below.  

The fried chicken set is also one of the most popular set in the shop. But this lunch box was made by another first food group. There is one more local successful first food chain in Hakodate City.


  1. We like your blog. Do you know what miso pan is? it's a sweet cake my sister ate in Hokkaido,is it still made there and do you have a recipe?