Solaputi Kids' Camp in Takikawa City !

by Kazu

At the roadside station in Uryu Town, this "Kamameshi" set is "in" with the buckwheat noodle. The URL is

Besides, I want to introduce the facility for the kids who are fighting the uphill battle.

 The Facility is called "Solaputi Kids' Camp". "Solaputi" means the river that has water fall in the language of indigenous people of Hokkaido AINU.

Solaputi Kids’ Camp is a camp for children with serious or life threatening illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiac illness, as well as children who have undergone a surgical operation, or wear a respiratory apparatus to assist them in breathing.
This wheel chair is for camping. I am not sure if the wheel chair can float on the water or not but it can get over the gaps on the ragged ground.
Good wills made up each tool and facility and pro bono works support the facility albeit it is established as a public benefit entity.    
 These drawings were made by the team of kids with serious illness and local kids who support their friends with illness.

The camp events in the facility are held three or four times in a year because the arrangement of each events requires two months or more for adjusting the schedule of volunteers.  
The kids with serious illness often have restrictions on their activities or physical movement. As a result, they sometimes have to give up the enjoyment that people often experience during childhood, such as school trips, sleep-overs, swimming and sporting events; experiences which are important in building their confidence and trust. At Solaputi Kids’ Camp, such experiences are provided.
Actually I watched a video of kids enjoying their stay in this facility and so impressed by the kids laughing with their family and friends.
These drawings are the symbol of their satisfaction.

 This facility is on the hillside of "Maruka Highland".
The staff members of the facility are always struggling with fundraising and collecting the medical support for free of charge.
The kitchen room of the facility should be off-limit other than while the events.
The location of the facility is so nice and various kinds of activities can be arranged even in winter.
The bathroom is well-equipped for supporting kids with some kinds of disabilities.
I can easily imagine the toughness to establish the facility and before that to explain the concept of the functions.
 Of course, there are small bathrooms for the kids who can not enjoy bathing with other kids.
Before going to bed, the kids can enjoy talking and games in this area.
What, what a kind facility supported with goodwill, competitive management skills to arrange the camping and medical support staff, it is !
Please extend your goodwill to the facility for the kids who are urged to give up everything.  
The URL is http://www.solaputi.jp/en/about/index.html
Please visit there.

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