Smart trap against deer in Kuriyama Town !

by Kazu

I think even if the journalists in Japan ( even if he or she had a good command in English, went out to abroad and established their business, they would lose the game and have to come back to Japan because the level of journalists is so different between Japan and English-speaking countries .    
In Japan, as long as the newspaper companies issue the paper in Japanese, it sells so so and they can make money albeit in English speaking countries, the competition of newspapers are so harsh compared to that in Japan. Yes, actually Japanese journalism is in warm and comfortable water and this situation keeps the journalism in Japan from upgrading its enthusiasm and level, I think.
Besides, what do you think the gadget above ?
Currently, the municipality of Kuriyama is experimenting the trap to catch deer that eat up the veggies and crops in its area. Of course, there are the metal fences built by the municipality on the borders of the forests and agricultural fields but it is prohibited to build fences across the river. Deer enter the fields from the river.
Absolutely, the number of deer should be adjusted and reduced.
So we are developing the trap making the use of Internet and smart phone.
 Beets are placed in the trap to allure the deer in winter. When the deer enter the trap, a short text mail is sent to the registered people. The people who was given the password access the monitor set on the tower above and send the email from his/her smart phone to shut the door of the trap.
 Originally, a remote controller that worked in the range of 100 meters was used to shut the door of the trap. But it required the officer to be there even in the cold winter. Naturally that did not work. But making use of the state-of-the-art technology ? and the Internet as well as video surveillance system, without being in the cold weather, we can catch the deer that give damages to the agricultural produces.
This is the entrance of the trap.
By texting, the door of the trap is shut down as shown on the right. Approximately 20 kg of venison can be obtained from one deer and the rest should be gone to the incinerator or garbage dam. As you all may know, we Japanese are not the hunting tribe. I hope the venison can be sold and popular as a kind of gibier. If we raised and feed the deer,  the venison would be called demi-sauvage ?
After catching the deer with the trap, the hunters shoot the deer from the top of the tower.
Adjusting the number of deer is the role of human beings now, isn't it ?

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