The Autumnal Foliage during the stay of my guests !

by Kazu

It's a pity that I could not show my guests all the beautiful trees on the premises of Hokkaido University. I think my guests from Albuquerque visited Hokkaido in the best season of the year but I regret I did not arrange the time for a walk in Hokkaido University. We dropped by the street of gingko trees and took pictures on our way to New Chitose International Airport but I did not show them the whole area oh the university.

Kathleen, Alan, these are what you missed during your stay in Sapporo City. I am so sorry for failing to take you two to there. Please enjoy the photos I took after you left Hokkaido.

These are not drawings. I cut out the real with my smart phone.

It may be Indian Summer today and I hope as much as the snow in the town will melt up before Christmas so that each of the people will not have any difficulties due to the snowfall or traffic jam caused by the snow or ice.
It may be difficult or occidental people to shed extra pounds after Thanksgiving but the holiday fare for Christmas will be waiting for them. Jogging around in snow is so exhausting but good for staying fit albeit I was bit by a dog in neighbors while jogging around at the end of November
Remembering these vivid colors, they are too bright for me in the world of monotone now. Before winter, the deities of this island gave us so impressive scenery followed by the holiday spread.

This is the gingko tunnel in Hokkaido University.
This contrast could be seen in front of the Faculty of Engineering.

This red foliage could be seen in front of Faculty of Science.
I would like to take you two to the other part of Hokkaido including my hometown Kitami City and the world heritage of UNESCO, Shiretoko Area. The eastern part of Hokkaido is Hokkaido of Hokkaido's.
I keep my fingers and toes crossed for the surgery;)

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