After the war ! Walking around in Hakodate 2!

by Kazu

This is the sign of the monument raised for the souls of Mr. Toshizou Hijikata who belonged to the guard of Kyoto and other fallen Tokugawa Shogunate warriors that amount to approximately eight hundred.
It is about 230 meters from this sign to the monument.  
 This is the monument called Hekketsu-hi. The souls of the warriors who died in the war before Meji Restoration are having rest in the woods near the Cape Tachimachi.

It is very nice and comfortable to walk around this area. Some flowers are set in front of the monument even now. Our country absorbed a hectic amount of blood. We never forget that fact and have to respect the belief to improve the country that the warriors showed in the battle.
 It is very calm around the monument. As if no war happened in this area.
I think most of us are struggling to make ends meet but the warriors could not be allowed to do that in their lives. We have to recognize that again.

At the end of the working day this year, I think of the people who were eager to live their lives.

Have a great holidays !