The mayor of Yubari City !

by Kazu

The young leader was explaining about the project to make the most of the local resource in Yubari City that had gone bankrupt five years ago.
His name is Naomichi Suzuki. He was selected as one of the young leaders who would led the world.
   The points of the project is "Coal Bed Methane" that is contained in the layers of coal and "Compact City" by making use of "Dual Mode Vehicle"that can carry people on the road and the railway.
 Originally he was working for the megalopolis Tokyo and dispatched to Yubari City after the bankruptcy of Yubari. He made the decision to fight the election for the seat of the mayor that was expected to involve so much challenges.
Actually, he is working hard in spite of his low income for a mayor. The bureau of firefighters in Yubari City was accused of cheating and he had to reduce his salary to take responsibility.
The salary of the mayor had already been minimized after the bankruptcy of the municipality. On top of that he had to accept and announce the cut down on his salary.
Some citizens give good supports to the young mayor while the megalopolis Tokyo have given him some able staff as well as the occasions to advertise the municipality.
But the small city is still shrinking even now.
He is continuing to fight the uphill battle. The development of making use of coal-bed methane must require long time to accomplish its plan in view of the cases in Canada and Russia.
He needs money and able strategist to make his vision come true.
Before that I would like to invite him to our holiday feast providing the culinary delight shown on this blog.

Have a rest and great holidays !
Kudos to Mr. Suzuki !

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