For the maximum benefit for Sorachi sub-prefectural area !

by Kazu

The other day, the round table meeting in Numata Town was held and a certain kind of strategy for competing in the harsh cutting-throat business world.
The Mayor Mr. Kanehira kindly offered us a plan to maximize the inbound of people and money to Sorachi sub-prefectural area as well as the outbound of produce and products from there.
The Director-General for Sorachi sub-prefectural area Mr. Yamane was so pleased with the plan and promised to success in revitalizing Sorachi sub-perfectural area.
Besides, above is the fusion of the produce and products in Sorachi, Rumoi and Kamikawa sub-prefectural area. Crab meat, sliced fresh sushi-grade fish, mushrooms were on the table and wolved down.
I am very looking forward to make the plan real and successful !

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