The Color of Red on November 2 !

by Kazu

I am not sure how many photos of autumnal foliage I took this year but I am sure the color of trees this year was worthwhile.
Japanese Rowan trees showed a variety of countenances even in a season.
The color of the leaves turned green to yellow and red with red fruit for birds.
 This tree is in front of the faculty of science in Hokkaido University. So many people took the photos of this tree this year albeit the most popular spot was the yellow ginkgo tunnel of kita 13-jo street on the premises of Hokkaido University.
I think the color of red was so impressive this year.All the leaves has gone and this area is now slightly covered with snow.
The contrast of the yellow and red with the gradation of orange and red was so nice near the pond on the northern side of the Central Diner of the university.
Without driving 1,000 km, we can see the ocean, the white peaks of mountains and these beautiful trees feeling the smells of seasons, having the crops, veggies, fish and meat in season.  That is the competitiveness of Hokkaido, I think.
 My guests from the United States said that the landscape of Hokkaido is very similar to that of Colorado I remember again and again the beautiful scenery of Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec in other words the unbelievable works of the deities.

Above is the maple tree adjacent to the yellow ginkgo tunnel shown on the left.
I hope these Japanese Rowan trees show us the vivid red every year as they did this fall.
These trees are on the northern side of the Faculty of Science in Hokkaido University.

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