Sapporo City on November 3 !

by Kazu

Other than the people who love to hike on the mountain in winter, the season of climbing mountains has gone till the spring of next year.
Although fine days are fewer than my hometown Kitami, such blue sky can be seen with sunshine even in winter.
But can you see the dark cloud over the mountains ?  
My office in Iwamizawa City is only 40 km away from the downtown of Sapporo City but the weather is so different from that in Sapporo City.
While the weather is fine in Sapporo City shown above, the people in Iwamizawa City may annoyed by heavy snow or blizzard brought by the clouds coming from the northwest, Siberia.
Maruyama area is very popular for hiking as the peak can be reached in thirty minutes from the Hokkaido Shrine where the automobiles can be parked.