In our always-on-the-go society・・・・・・

by Kazu

It may be the last post of the photos cut out from the beautifully-colored foliage of Hokkaido this year. Even in the night, the foliage showed us the striking countenances with the outdoor lamp.
So many people took the photos of the trees but with whom did they share the impressive scenery in the real world, not in the virtual blogosphere.
I am concerned about the lack of real face-to-face communications in this world.
The new cocooning may be in over the world.
What do you think about it ?  
Can you have enough time to talk with your most important person ?
Everybody may be struggling to make ends meet in the real world except for the super rich people on the globe.
But, despite we are struggling to protect our own MIP, we tend to minimize the time to listen to them. It is the problem, I think.
Let's share the pictures of beautiful scenery with your be-loved and talk with him/her.
Before the white snow cover all the things around us.
If you listen to him/her sincerely, he/she begins to talk about various kinds of things. Let's go back home and have enough time to share the warmness.
Take your time to make the culinary delights for him/her and savor the same flavor. Then, talk to each other for a while. That makes the happiest hours.
Before the coldest season conquer around our neck of woods, please look back the person you should take care of and grab his/her hands.

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