Jogging around in Hakodate !

by Kazu
 It was very calm but the sea gulls were searching for the feed around the bay area of Hakodate City.
The peak of Mt. Hakodate could be seen clearly in the morning.
 The fishermen seemed to have already come back to the port and be having a rest or drinking.
The main sightseeing point Kanamori souko,  the old warehouse area of the city was seeing no body other than me at the time.
Many statues are around the bay area and bring the atmosphere of longing for other countries over the ocean.
The motif seemed to be a sailor.
Yes, the title was "with great hopes".
The building of old consulate of the United Kingdom is now used as the museum and reminds us of the importance of Hakodate City in the history of Hokkaido pioneering.