The Flagship Shop of Lucky Pierrot !

 by Kazu

The hamburger shop group "Lucky Pierrot" has over ten branch shops in Hakodate City and Esashi Town. The flagship shop of the group is in Nanae Town.
You can find easily the shop beside the Route 5 in Nanae Town.
The best seller is "Chinese Chicken Burger" shown above but one lady born in Hakodate City who gave my wife a makeup on her nails said that the citizens of Hakodaqte City mainly eat curry rice or omelet in the restaurant despite most of the tourists buy the hamburgers in the shop.
 On our way back to Sapporo City from Hakodate, Mt.Komaga(take) can be seen clearly even from the road.
Unfortunately the peak of the mountain was covered with clouds but the hillside decorated with white snow showed its beautiful contrast of bright part and the shade.  
The fields will be covered with snow in winter but the snow makes the land more fertile every year. The cold winter brings us various kinds of gift including the challenges.
Thanks God we seemed to be able to end this year in peace and happiness.

Have a great holidays !

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