Dear Fatinnadiah and other visitors !

by Kazu

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting !
This is the photos of current outskirt of Iwamizawa City.  Do you think that the queue of poplar makes a good contrast with white field as monotone works ?
I was on my way back from Yubari City which mayor I posted yesterday.

 These photos were taken by me few hours before. Because of the comparatively high temperature from 0 to 3 degrees in Celsius, large size of snow flakes were made and those made this beautiful scenery.
If I could prepare complete Haral, would you visit our island Hokkaido to be held in the white snow ?  
This is the trees on the backyard of our condominium.
The fruit of Japanese Rowan were also covered with white snow and the contrast of red and white is one of my favorite in winter.
The bridge of the railway is on our back and makes the good place to exercise even in the bad weather.

 Snow flakes themselves are so beautifully shaped and they bring us what I can't express enough. Beauty, melancholics, a symbol of love that makes us eager to be with somebody .
Even in the monochrome world, we enjoy our lives in Hokkaido and that may become a big draw to allure southern people in winter.
 Even if I spend I spent my life after my retirement in southern countries like Malaysia, I would be eager to see this monochrome scenery in winter.
 My jogging course on the premises of Hokkaido University was also decorated with white snow.
 The beautiful autumnal foliage had gone and the branches are decorated with white snow like the drawings called Sansui.
Would you like to walk along this monochrome street with your lover ?
The snow covers all the things equally.
Thank you all for visiting this blog site this year ! I really appreciate your attention and contribute to this blog for Hokkaido !
I will be able to post the photos of the eastern part of Hokkaido next week because I come back to my hometown Kitami tomorrow.
Please have great holidays and new year !
Please be with your family or precious be-loved !

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