To Tomuraushi !

by Kazu

We skipped The City of Sweets and Fertility Obihiro City and headed to Tomuraushi Hot Springs after having a look at the Tokachi Plain from the lookout on the hillside where we met a fox.
 This red bridge led us from the Tokachi Plain to the deep in the Tomuraushi Labyrinth at the foot of Mt. Tomuraushi. I was pleased with the autumnal beautiful foliage were left albeit that got a little bit drab compared to the peak of the beauty.
Before settling in the hotel we stayed on that day, we went up to the lookout called BOGAUDAI from where the peaks of the mountains in Daisetsu area could be seen. Unpaved bumpy read led us to there. The lookout and the surroundings seemed to be maintained by the Ministry of Environment because it was in the National Park.
The peak of Mt. Tomuraushi was covered with clouds. To be honest,  some tourists died of hypothermia around the peak of the mountain in summer some years ago.
It seemed to be snowing on tops of the mountains. General Winter has come on the highlands.

I thought Alan and Kathleen had not been relaxed until they saw the hotel at the end of the unpaved road.

The peak of Mt. Nipesotsu(dake) seemed like a flame reflecting the light of setting sun through the woods..
How can I express the color of the peak, orange, pink or the color of skin ?

The comfortable open air hot spring bath was waiting for us. We went down to the hotel Higashi Taisetsu-sou.
The URL of the hotel is   http://www.netbeet.ne.jp/~taisetsu/tomurausi1.html
and it also has the account of Facebook

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