The Last Ride in the Tour ④ !

by Kazu

Can everybody remember the scenery you enjoyed in Sorachi ?
Yes, the paddy fields after harvest and the woods could be seen around you all with the smell of winter.
 The air is so refreshing and clean that the peak of the mountains far away could be seen clearly from the road. This is the southern side of the road.
Mt. Shokanbetsu(dake) could be seen on the northern side of the road.
 As the mayor of Takikawa City Mr. Maeda would attend the farewell party and hand the the certificates, they had to hurry up a little bit to reach the goal.
They continued to keep the pace to make it and propose a toast with the mayor.
On top of that, they had to go to Ebeotsu Hot Spring Bath before dinner. I was concerning on the hard schedule and the negative image they might have in the harsh ride.
But they seemed to savor the landscape and the speed so much.

The roadside space was getting narrower again. They had to be careful on the road but almost no cars passed by on this route.

 I felt something hot in my mind watching them riding and taking photos of them.
We shared only three days but I never forget them and really would like them to visit Hokkaido again.

She decided to ride again on the last stage. It would take two hours to reach the goal in Takikawa City.

To be continued.

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