Viva La Vista Daisetsuzan !


by Kazu

I am very sorry for failing to post the photos of cuisine in La Vista Daisetsuzan on the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake).
The happy days of reunion has gone but our heart warmed up enough and the photos can help us savor the memories again and again. It was like a days of dream but was in reality. Absolutely we met again and shared solid time.

The URL is http://www.japanican.com/hotels/ShisetsuDetail.aspx?st=1113006&ref=lavista
in English and
in Japanese and more photos.
The main large bath room can be seen on the URL above so I post the photos of small bathes for families and lovers. There are three small hot spring bathrooms near the entrance of the large bath.
No showers in the small bathrooms
No but is required beforehand and just check out the sign on the door that can be locked from inside.
You can soak your body exhausted in the dog-eat-dog harsh competition, in the heavenly comfortable bath as long as you can for other guests who may want to use one of the three, please do not take too much time.
Drinking or eating in those bathroom is prohibited. Please do not throw a party there. Please just enjoy the bathing and feel and listen to the voice of the nature in the area in silence.
You can chose dinner occidental or Japanese. It is not a metaphor. They are my friend and my wife.

There is not a slipper that fits to Alan so he had to walk around with his socks without slipper in the hotel.  I have already recommended the hotel to buy the slipper of bigger size;)
The lobby hall was so nice to spend time after dinner or bathing. The nature guide seminars are conducted on every Saturday.
Watching the video of the scenery around the hotel and the hillside, the nature guide give us so plain explanations on the nature. It is very interesting and recommended.
It was a pity that the fireplace did not have fire in spite the snow fall of outside.
It is so nice to hang out around the fireplace in the hotel in winter.

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