The Last Ride in the Tour ② !

by Kazu

It was so fine on November 9(Sat.) !
It seemed so comfortable to ride a bike on the flat road with enough space for cycling.
 The wind is still cooler than ten days before but they seemed to enjoy enough the scenery and pastoral landscape.
At the farewell party held in the flagship restaurant of well-established BBQ company Matsuo Jingisukan in the evening, the special lamb soaked in the special sauce for Jingisukan pot was waiting for them.
 They would get the power with the special Jingisukan cuisine. Yes, they would be beefed-up ? lambed up ? and get the second wing.

Mr. Ishizuka led the group without tiredness and strain. He is the professional cyclist who attended various kinds of race in and outside Japan.

Taro-san had a slight cold but enough power to woo females;)
David did good job on the last day, too.

This is the way from Kuriyama Town through Iwamizawa City to Mikasa City.
An isolated cloud was floating over the group.

As the roadside space for bicycle got narrower than before, they should be careful to go through the curve.

The parking space and the restroom was on the way. He was a good performer through the whole tour.
 Had he seen Japanese SFX hero "Ultra Man" ?
It was a pity that they could not buy veggies grown in the area in the parking area.
Japanese thick wheat noodle soup and buckwheat noodle soup were sold here.
 They just bought drinks here.
He had various kinds of cycling suits and each of them were so cool !
 They were not so tired of the first stage of the cycling tour on the day.
It was the time to ride again !

To be continued.

Everybody, what are you doing now, friends ?

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