Cycling Monitor Tour for Taiwanese People started in Sorachi !

 by Kazu

The monitor cycling tour for Taiwanese people started this morning in front of the railway station in Takikawa City !

The TV broadcasting company and Local Newspaper company Press Sorachi attended the tour on the first day  !
The municipality of Takikawa kindly made the sign of "Welcome" and played up the exciting tour in Sorachi. The group will come back to Takikawa City on November 9(Sat.) after enjoying their ride through Naganuma Town, Kuriya Town, Yubari City on November 8(Fri.) and Iwamizawa City, Mikasa City, Bibai City, Naie Town, Sunagawa City on November 9(Sat.).
Today, they left Takikawa City for Shinshinotsu Village through Sunagawa City, Naie Town, Bibai City, Tsukigata Town and Toubetsu Town.
It will rain tomorrow but I hope they enjoy enough their ride and the scenery in Hokkaido including Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

The journalist of a newspaper Press Sorachi asked about what they were looking forward to seeing, eating and feeling as well as on what made them take part in this tour.
Mr. Ishizuka, the head of Hokkaido Cycling Frontier led this tour and took care of the cycle tourists.
He expects much more cycle tourists to visit Hokkaido and enjoy their ride and Hokkaido itself enough by his support.

To be continued.

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