Dear Kathleen and Alan ② !

by Kazu

The Japanese lady in black played the piano in the restaurant of Kitaichi Glass in Otaru City.
Alan and Kathleen was so impressed with the melody she played that they requested her to take photos with them.
As the restaurant in Nikka Distillery was closed for the dinner of a large tourists group on that day, we had lunch in the restaurant of Kitaichi Glass on our way back to Sapporo City.
Pizza Margarita and seafood rice bowl were our choice. The crisp and simple pizza was a little bit too light but the seafood rice bowls and other food filled up the rest of our stomachs.    
With the light of lanterns in the old dark stone warehouse, the atmosphere of darkness was so nice to drink Japanese sake in the afternoon.
These sweets and fruits showed their best performances on he stage in the darkness.                      
 Before the arrival of my guests to their sweet home, it was so dangerous to post their photos on the blog site, so I dis not post their photos but please pick up the photos as the mementos of your stay.

Do you remember the museum ?  
I heard that Shiraoi Town had much bigger museum of indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu but the items  exhibited in the museum were so impressive and we could find some  similarities between the items in this museum and those of Inuit and the native Americans.  

The clothes made with salmon skin looked like the rain coat made by the native Americans.

To be continued.

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