The Last Ride in the Tour ③ !

 by Kazu

After going through the hilly area of Kuriyama Town and Iwamizawa City, they reached the flat zone of Iwamizawa City.

 They would have lunch at the roadside station in Mikasa City.
The snow on the road melted today and the scenery in this area is as shown on the right again.

I decided to wait them at the vineyard on the hillside.
They would go through the road near the house with blue roof.
Below is the vineyard of Housui Winery where a movie film shooting was conducted.

They could not be seen yet from here.

I waited for 15 minutes but I could not find them from the hillside. They might have already passed by the vineyard. So I headed to the restaurant they would have lunch.
Everybody had finished lunch when I arrived at the restaurant. They looked energized again having lunch.
All of them ate up ramen noodle soup and had a enough rest. Approximately three hours ride followed the lunch.

I did not recognized their performance behind us.

They seemed to love this pose and so did I.
Are they riding their own bicycle this weekend,too  ?

To be continued.

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