The Second Day of the Monitor Tour ① !

by Kazu

It seemed that Taro-san had a slight cold and after his voluntary interpretation between Japanese and Chinese the day before, he had a sore throat in the morning of the day.
Sorry, Taro-san.
After an ample worming-up, the friends from Taiwan started to check up their own bike and had a chat.
Though it was raining on my way to this hotel in Shinshinotsu Village from Iwamizawa City, the sunshine lit in the area.
So they could not halt cycling at that moment.    
The cycle-tour on the second day in this monitor course started calmly.
Mr. Ishizuka led the group and David followed at the end of the group and took photos.
It was not raining at that moment and the wind treated them kind.

It started to rain on the bridge over Ishikari River and the temperature was getting down.

They changed the route on the day to minimize the damage of cold temperature to their bodies but the road condition was terrible with ragged pavement and many trucks passing by them.  
I felt the risk of hypothermia with them after Taro-san's comment " TAMARAN !" which means "I can not bear any more !" in Japanese.
It was getting colder and their health condition seemed to get worse.
It was the time to halt the tour on that day.
David provided them with good care and service even in the bad weather condition.
They stopped in front of a farmers house and had a rest.
It was too tough for them to ride in the cold rain any more.
Mr. Ishizuka was almost suffered from hypothermia and loosing his clear mind and decision.
Yes, it was the time to wrap up but they had to reach the restaurant to pack up their bikes and to warm up their body.

To be continued.