Sapporo Ainu Culture Promotion Center 2 !

by Kazu

There is a so nice museum of indigenous people in Hokkaido, called "Sapporo Ainu Culture Center" that has various kinds of Ainu art and their philosophy.
Particularly, the design of patterns on their textile is worthwhile.
 Depending on the group and the tribe the textile makers belonging, to,  the designs and the patterns are different from each other.
But you may find some similarities between these designs and the clothes on the Asian Continent.  
There are some hypotheses on the origin of Japanese people. One of them said that the indigenous people of Japan were Ainu people and they were conquered by the tribe that has the cavalry and were kicked away to north end and south end of Japan. That is why some similarities can be seen between the features of Ainu people and that of the people in Okinawa, based on this story.      
 Their attires and the headbands are also similar, I think.
On the other hand, when the army of Mr. Hideyoshi Toyotomi conquered Korean Peninsula, the front line of the cavalry was devastated by a female horse because the horses of Toyotomi's cavalry were not castrated albeit that should be done before the war. That was the common sense for the tribe of cavalry. If the origin of the current Japanese was the tribe that has cavalry, the "must-do" was done at that time, the opposite said.

I am sure the current Japanese people are the mixture of some tribes but some people said that the origin of imperial family is Jewish people who escaped from the Middle East. They say that the attires of the Shinto priests in Ise shrine and Izumo Shrine are very similar to that of Jewish priests.
It is very interesting and actually we can find some similarities between them but I am not sure at this moment.

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